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Client Overview

"In the pay-for-performance era, hospitals are forced to get progressively better at providing top quality care more cost effectively.  EmCare is the partner that can help meet these challenges.  By continuously responding to the changes in the marketplace, EmCare has helped its clients remain current and competitive."    - EmCare Website

EmCare provides hundreds of hospitals with the tools they need to prevent debilitating stagnation of their effectiveness and quality of care.  One such tool is a global scheduling algorithm that organizes the data and preferences of every employee from each hospital and calculates the most ideal schedule to best suit everyone’s needs while minimizing costs.

Problem & Solution

EmCare currently has an online implementation of the aforementioned scheduler.  However, the medical workplace can be unpredictably urgent and chaotic, and employees may not have the time to log on to the website that manages the scheduler to input new preferences, check schedules, or quickly fill shifts that suddenly become available.  Our solution was to create an efficient mobile application with an intuitive design to facilitate quick and easy access to the features necessary to expedite the process of checking schedules, submitting new preferences, accepting/declining shift offers, and filling open shifts.

Project Details


EmCare requested that we include the following features in the application for standard employees (care providers):

The following features were to be included for administrators (schedulers):


Throughout the development process, EmCare requested that we adhere to the following requirements: