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    "Liaison Technologies is a global integration and data management company providing unique & high-value solutions to securely integrate, transform and manage complex business information on-premise or in the cloud.

    Businesses around the world gain a competitive advantage with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. Liaison provides a specialized set of solutions & services focused on solving complex data integration challenges to over 7,000 organizations in over 35 countries. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Liaison also has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

    The company’s solution portfolio includes business-to-business and enterprise application integration project outsourcing, cloud-based master data management (MDM), data harmonization, data security, a service oriented architecture-based B2B integration network, and premiere managed services."

    -Liaison Technologies website

    Project Manager


    As Liaison's main focus is on team-based development, they require a method of keeping track of projects. To accomplish this, they are requesting a solution which helps maintain communication between teammates, lets team members stay up-to-date on current tasks and projects, and updates management on resource allocation and project status.


    The purpose of the Project Manager is to provide an efficient, effective, and simple method of assisting development teams in coordinating their efforts. These efforts include: tracking projects' progression in relation to developmental constraints, effective allocation of resources, and reporting information to higher-level personnel in an organized, professional manner.

    Our solution to this problem is implemented in the form of a web site. A web site allows users a lightweight solution, eliminating the need for installation and allowing changes to the program to take place server-side. The program accesses a MySQL database, utilizing JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML on the client side, and PHP on the server side.

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