What is SysTrayMM?

The desired solution will be an application that supports users by notifying them of possible problems before they occur. The program will monitor the amount of system resources being used and keep a database of rules detailing what usage levels of these resources is considered to be a problem. Once this level has been reached, the program should provide an unobtrusive notification that the user should take some action. The user will be able to check this notification at a time of their choosing and receive detailed instructions on what actions to take to avoid possible problems.

The application will be designed and written in such a way that it is easy to modify later. The developers employed by State Farm will be able to easily add features if later if they choose to do so. The IT staff will be able to add more rules in order to monitor additional resources at a later time. Of course, the solution should be as free of errors as is possible.

The application will provide support for the users while staying out of their way. It should avoid distracting them from their work when it is not needed. When it is needed, it should help solve the potential problem quickly, so that the user can return to what they were working on.

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