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  The Project


Design and construct from a blank slate the DxR Clinician tool in the Node.js framework. The client experiences significant access spikes at the start of a school semester. It is believed that the Node.js non-blocking I/O will greatly improve service to their customers (students and teachers). We are to maintain all the functional elements, but free to re-design the interface and back-end load handling. This project exceeds the timeframe alloted for a Senior project, and has been broken into sections beginning with adapting to the Node.js development stack, learning the tools and systems used by DxR Group for software engineering, and documentation & presentation in written form.


  • Build a Node Application of DxR Clinician
  • Improve efficiency of server-requests for resources across the customer base
  • Learn new technologies, software, jargon, and corporate practices
  • Get an "A"



  1. Meet with Client to Determine Project Parameters
  2. Set-up Communications
    • Access to Git Repository
    • Secure E-mail Communications
    • Establish Build Cycle for Agile Development
  3. Determine Development Stack
  4. Build Development Stack
    • Github
    • SourceTree
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • PostgreSQL
    • Jade
    • Sublime Text
  5. Implement Development Tools
  6. Create Master Copy
  7. Identify Opportunities for Improvement
  8. Design
    • Landing Page
    • Models
    • Views
    • Controllers
  9. Apply Models to Database Creation
  10. Apply basic authentication structures

Project Future

  1. January - Content Review
  2. March - Midterm Presentation
  3. April - Final Presentation
  4. May - Job Offers

Presentation Date

Senior Project Presentation:

We present our project on April 27, 2016. For more information contact us!

Our Development Stack

Version Control

We chose to use a GitHub repository largely inpart due to the fact that our client required it. Several of our project team was already familiar with a GitHub repository for version control. We were able to adapt to security settings and begin development quickly. GithHub offers a special account for students. To access GitHub by SSH, however, we found the command-line instructions clunky. Our team uses SourceTree to handle our git repository.

Our project is developed with the project tracking software Jira. Jira provides ample tools for the Agile method of software development. Our client uses this development tool and methodology for their current projects. Learning to work within the framework of the software and to build under the rigor of the agile method has been a great opportunity for skill development.

Project Management


Node. Node. Node. It's all we here these days in Computer Science. And for good reason! Node's non-blocking I/O is a superb solution to the heavy micro-transaction traffic of the internet. Being able to handle multiple requests without slowing response times nor generating significant server overhead, Node has become the choice of developers for server side architecture. Because Node is written in Javascript, it translates an efficiency to other aspects of development. For the front-end, a packet manager and a host of supporting tools.

The premier Node.js extension is Express.js. Stock full of the necessary tools that every application will likely need, Express takes a minimalistic approach toward solving the needs of developers by supplying the frameworks for many of the common tools used on the internet or in application development. Express is as its namesake, fast, friendly, and easy to use.



Selecting a database for a major project involves a lot more than just familiarity and functionality. We chose PostgreSQL for it's toolbox integration with Node.js as well as its ACID compliance. A database must be both highly functional and simplistically secure. PostgreSQL gives us both.

Bugs, Glitches, and Tragedies

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