3D Faner Navigation Application

Senior Project 2014-2015

Project Description

This application is a proof-of-concept application designed for Windows 8 Tablets. The intent behind this project is to help new students and visitors of SIU Carbondale to navigate the formidable Faner Hall. It provides the user with an easy way to select their current location and their destination, and then takes the user in first person through the halls of Faner at a walking pace. This allows users to see in real-time the relative area where they are and ensure that they are on the right path.

Side-By-Side Comparison

These are screenshots within the application compared side-by-side to their real-life counterparts. These images show the level of detail given to the model of Faner- a necessity if students will be using the view to ascertain their position. Accuracy is necessary so students do not feel lost.

Flags - Real
Flags - App

Vending Machine - Real
Vending Machine - App
Computer Lab - Real
Computer Lab - App

Project Goals

On this project, there were specific goals set in place by our client. These goals were:

  • Build a full scale, 3-D Faner Hall (Wings 1A and 2A)
  • Build full navigation inside Faner Hall
  • Provide extensibility within the design ofthe project

Team Members

Four members in the CS Department worked on this team, along with aid provided by our client in the form of Student Workers. The four main members of the team are:

  • Jake Bock: Team Lead, Navigation Support
    Jake took on the role of team leader. He maintained and modeled the master Unity project of the application. He also delegated out work and maintained communication between team members as well as the client.
  • Chris Hicks: Navigation Head, Modeling/Texturing
    Chris worked to spearhead the development and implementation of the navigation work in the application. Like all of the others, he also spent time dealing with models and texturing.
  • Reese Schultz: GUI Head, Modeling/Texturing
    Reese developed the GUI implementation and led its integration into the main application. After being brought in partway through, he caught up quite well and carried his portion of the labor.
  • Kathryn Abbett: Modeling/Texturing, GUI Support
    Kathryn worked to model and maintain many assets in the application, as well as integrate the GUI into the main application. She also maintained the websites and