Skill Tracker

About the Project

The Liaison Skill Tracker is a tool that supervisors at Liaison use to monitor and review the abilities and attributes of teams and members. Employees using this will experience a gamified profile system which will allow them to track thier skills, achievements, quests, and teams.

About the Client

Liaison is a data management and integration company. It is one of the largest Value-Added Network providers in the world, along side of IBM and OpenText. Liaison deals with many different types of data, which in turn requires employees to have a broad range of skills.

Feature: Skills Database

Screenshots of the skills database will be added later in the school year.

Feature: Employee Profiles

Screenshots of the employee profiles to display the UI will be added later.


Node.js: The runtime environment used for this web application.
Mongo DB: Document-oriented database used to store and organaize data for the project.
Cloud 9 IDE: Web-based IDE that allows all team memebers to work simultaneously on the project.


Ben O'Truk (left): From Belleville, IL. Currently working at Liaison. Interested in Computer Networks and Security.

Cam Wolf (center): From Mount Carmel, IL. Currently working at SalukiTech. Interest are in Computer Security.

Mike Fleming (right): From Mchenry, IL. Interests in Mobile Application, Video Game, and User Interface development. Accepted full-time position with Boeing after graduation.