May 4th, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

The Third International Workshop on the

Collaborative Online Organizations

In conjunction with AAMAS 2015


Collaborative online organizations workshop will take place in the Morning of May 4th, 2015. Here is the program guide for the workshop.

08:30 - 08:40:



08:40 - 09:10:

—» "Network Organization Paradigm:
Synergistic Effect on the Productivity of a Collaborative Organization
" «—
– By: Saad Alqithami,
Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, IL USA

09:10 - 09:40:

—» "Integration of knowledge management systems and business processes using multi-agent systems" «—
– By: Mariusz Żytniewski,
University of Economics in Katowice, Poland

09:40 - 10:30:

—» " Valorizing Prejudice in MAS: A Computational Model" «—
– By: Rino Falcone, Alessandro Sapienza, and Cristiano Castelfranchi,
     Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR, Italy


10:30 - 11:00:

—» BREAK «—

11:00 - 11:30

—» "Do Birds of a Feather Work Better Together?
The Impact of Virtual Agent Personality on a Shared Mental Model with Humans during Collaboration
" «—
– By: Nader Hanna and Deborah Richards,
Macquarie University, Australia

11:30: - 12:00:

—» "ADOVA: Anomaly Detection in Online and Virtual spAces" «—
– By: Chukwuemeka David Emele, Vitalij Spakov, Wei Pang, John Bone, and George Coghill,
University of Aberdeen, UK

12:00 - 12:50:

—» "Panel Discussion" «—


12:50 - 13:00:




The Panel ..

Similar to previous workshops of COOS, the panel discussion will take place after paper presentations and will have a rather impromptu nature. It will discuss important issues related to workshop aim and to answer some important questions, such as:

— How do the emerging social networks affect collaboration?
— What is expected for online organizations?
— Are there killer applications for online organizations?
— How can humans and machines best collaborate online?

If you would like to contribute to this panel and may have more questions/ideas to discuss, please let us hear from you.

* NOTE: The complete proceeding of COOS 2015 is available to be accessed from “HERE” (May 15, 2015).