Research Interests


External Grants


"Towards a Scalable and Adaptive Application Support Platform for Large-Scale Distributed E-Sciences in High-Performance Network Environments". PI $389,398. 2009-2012  Department of Energy


"Partnership for Improved Science Instruction & Achievements through Computational Science" PIASCS. Co-PI $530,000. 2010-2013 Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)


“Distributed computational monitoring and steering system” Sole PI $65,362, 2006-2008. Funded by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Department of Energy.



"Virtual Watershed: Agricultural Landscape Evolution in an Adaptive Management Framework" Senior Personnel $450,000 2004-2007. Funded by Biocomplexity in the Environment: Coupled Natural and Human Systems, National Science Foundation,

"Development of Dynamic Network System (DYNES) End-site Application for SIUC Campus” with Michael Shelton and Gi Vania from IT Department $54,000 2012. Funded by Internet 2 through NSF MRI grant.


Internal Grants


Undergraduate Research Grant. PI 2007-2008 SIUC


"Visualization and Analysis of Large-scale DNA Microarray Data Using Ajax Technology". PI 2007 -2008. Faculty seed grant award, SIUC


"Creation of Multimedia Environment Using Wireless Sensor Network" Sole PI  2006-2007. Funded by Research Scholarly and Creative Activity Awards program at SIUC 


Previous Projects

·       Participate in high performance remote visualization system development for Terascale Supernova Initiative project (TSI) funded by DOE. Design and implement a cluster based distributed remote visualization system with optimized computing and network performance. Project link:

·        Design and implement the simulation of two novel emergent routing protocols for Emergent Surveillance Plexus (ESP) , A Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) project funded by DARPA

·        Design and implement discrete event system controller for wireless sensor network system for ESP, MURI project. Project link:


Past Graduate Students (Their Projects and Place of Employment):

Mr. Nanda Yadav:  Distributed Visualization and Steering System for large-scale Computational Applications

Definess Company, UT

Mr. Xiaofeng Li:    A Parallel Computing Paradigm for Transcription Network Construction from Microarray Data

Wolfram Research, IL

Ms. Earlene Thompson:   Optimal Utilization of Distributed Network Resources with Minimal end-to-end Delay

Caterpillar, IL

Ms. Insook Choe: Creation of Multimedia Environment Using Wireless Sensor Motes as Input Devices, St Louis, MO

Mr. Naseer Abdul Mohammed  A Virtual Watershed System Based on Ajax Technology, Dallas, TX

Ms. Jintai He: Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogenetic Tree Construction using GPU, CA

Mr. Changming Li: Multiple Sequence Alignment and Tree node labeling, Epsilon Lambda Electronic Company, Chicago, IL

Mr. Leon Cao: Similarity Measurement Approach for Genes with Time-delay Behavior in their Expression Pattern, Monte Vermont, IL

Mr. Joey Ingram: Parallel Transcription Network Construction for Large Microarray Using CUDA, Sandia National Laboratory, DOE NM

Mr. Jingjing Wang: The Construction of Phylogenetic Tree Using Parallel Approach, State Univesity of New York

Ms. Yun Zhang

Ms. Yang Zhao

Current Ph.D. Students:

Ms. Fei Cao: The Optimized Mapping of Scientific Workflow Onto Overlay Networks

Mr. Patrick Brown: Scientific Workflow Over Heterogeneous Network Environment

Mr. Liudong Zuo: Network-aware Scientific Workflow System

Mr. Mustafa Khaleel: Cloud Scheduling System

Current Master Students:

Mr. Michael Wu

Mr. Ou Mi

Mr. Michaeal Brajkovich







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