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Network Simulation Application


Network theory is a very complicated subject to teach. Typically professors hold lectures and speak from a theoretical standpoint about how routing algorithms work. While this is necessary to get a good foundation, a lot of students do not fully grasp how the routing algorithms actually work.

There exists commercial level network simulation programs that allow users to select algorithms, add nodes, add links, and simulate how routing tables are made then shows how data packets are routed between nodes. These network simulators are very complex and take months to really master, which is less than ideal in terms of a one semester Networking course. Dr. Gupta teaches many courses relating to networks and wanted an application that would allow his students to instantly be able to see how different routing algorithms work with little to know learning curve.

Our application fills this need by creating a simple to use yet very powerful interface to allow students to pick up their phone/tablet/desktop/laptop and be able to see an array of routing algorithms in a way a textbook just cant show them.