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what is this?
ofCourse is a planning and course management app designed to put students in control. With ofCourse, students will be able to manage their course information and assignments while sharing that information with their classmates. No more missed asignments. No more surprise tests. If you miss something, you will be notified-- we have you covered.
  •   Student-centric planning tools
  •   Course management
  •  Assignment sharing
  •    Social integration
  •   Result driven feedback
  •  Participation rewards
about ofCourse
Our tools give students confidence and the feeling of control and our analytics will be de facto in the realm of student behavior, student/teacher interaction, and process efficacy. ofCourse will be the leading provider of information to not only universities, but also to academic collaborators— such as textbook companies— offering them use and success statistics regarding their products and services.
our team
ofCourse is a group of four young, passionate developers with a dream to change the way universities relate with students— and the way students interact with their coursework and classmates. Academia should be at the forefront of innovation, implementing exciting new strategies for bettering itself and those it serves; however, it oftentimes seems to shun such evolution in favor of the more familiar. With over 60 years of combined experience with education, we’re thrilled to see our experiences yield tools that have the capability to bring overwhelming change to an staggeringly stale environment.
William Blankenship
Samuel Coe
Brian Gunn
James Prillaman