About the Project and People

The OLAP cube we were asked to implement was for the Computer Science Department at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. The department, specifically Dr. Carver, contacted us and told us the reason for this cube is to keep a record of students to see how they are doing in their respective classes. Specifically, the Computer Science Department wants to use this as a way to evaluate teachers for more than one semester at a time. This cube would, as a result, need to be able to log all students, the class in which they have taken, the respective professor for the course, course grade, and the semester in which it was taken. This would be the basics of what the cube would cover.

The overall purpose of this project is to fully comprehend the trends of the respective classes taken within the Computer Science Department and to understand the abilities of the students within. The intent is to allow for instructors to track the students from their past performances and to gain a grasp upon those performances with professors they may have performed well in their respective courses. A fully customizable OLAP cube application that will allow professors to track students' past performances and give insight to their predicted future performance within a required course load in the department. Overall, the goal is to allow students to be successful within the Computer Science program.

This project was created by Bryce Bowe & Caleb Fifer while studying at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.
A special thanks goes to: Dr. Carver, Dr. Rahimi, Mr. Bill Cheng,