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Senior Project in CS 2012-2013

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This project's goal is to create a modern, user friendly employee training system for Patterson Dental. Employees at Patterson are required to pass a certain number of classes offered by the company per year. This software is designed to facilitate the registration and administration of these classes. Through the application, users may :

  • register for classes
  • create and take exams
  • upload and download course materials
  • keep track of student progress, including detailed grade reports and attendance records.

In addition to the above functionalities, the system also features

  • login authentication via OpenID
  • email notifications for students
  • the option to register as an Alternate for full classes, and be added automatically if someone drops
  • the ability to email or download your schedule of classes in the form of a .ics file, for import into Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCalendar

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