The Software Engineering Research Lab (SoftSearch) at SIUC is actively investigating techniques to improve software development productivity, and make software development lifecycle more predictable. Our current research projects include:

  • Improving code review tools and techniques;
  • Securiting Android marketplace; and
  • Indentifying of security vulnerablities; and
  • Sentiment analysis of software engineering text.

  • <a href=''>Jacob and Ayush won awards in the ACM Midsoutheast undergraduate research competition</a>
  • Paper on contemporary code review practices is accepted for the IEEE Transcations in Software Engineering (TSE) journal!
  • <a href=''>DIALDroid: An scalabale ICC-based threat identification tool</a>


  • Amiangshu Bosu

    Dr. Amiangshu Bosu is the director of softsearch lab. He is an assitant professor of computer science at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

  • Ayush Kohli

    Ayush Kohli is a computer science junior. He is one of the winners of REACH award for 2016-2017. He is working on to identify repackaged Android applications.

  • Jacob Reed

    Jacob Reed is a computer science senior. His research is funded by a undergraduate research assistantship from the CURCA. He is working on to build a sentiment analysis tool for the software engineering domain.

  • Alec Waichunus

    Alec Waichunus is a computer science freshman. His research is funded by the CSSR program. He is working on to automatically identify useful code reviews.

  • James Wasson

    James Wasson is a computer science junior. He is working on to identify the best techniques for security code reviews.

Dr. Amiangshu Bosu

SoftSearch Lab
Room# 409B, Engineering Building A,
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
Email: abosu AT cs DOT siu DOT edu