Drunken driving is the act of operating or driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the degree that mental and motor skills are impaired. It is illegal in all jurisdictions within the United States, though enforcement varies widely between and within states/territories.

In the United States the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 17,941 people died in 2006 in alcohol-related collisions, representing 40% of total traffic deaths in the US. NHTSA states 275,000 were injured in alcohol-related accidents in 2003

Don't text and drive!

Since 2007 many states have banned texting while driving. Abouk and Adams (2013) find that the state level texing bans have limited effects on fatal accidents. They reduce only the single occupant-single vehicle accidents by 8%. The effect is short-lived as drivers return to their previous behaviors within months.

Texting and driving has been a big issue the last couple of years because there was no law preventing you from doing it. Texting and driving has become such a big problem in Illinois, that it has been banned.There are other states that are joining in

Aggressive driving can also lead to road rage. Road rage is aggressive or angry behavior by a driver of an automobile or other road vehicle. Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Road rage can cause head on collisions and can even lead to death.