Four Coders and a Dragon


To design and develop a modular robot that fulfills multiple functionalities based upon the user’s needs. The technology to be developed must be able to adapt to changing functional needs. Modularity is paramount, and therefore is to be emphasized throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle. Once software development is completed, the user should only be responsible for adding or removing parts from the robot, allowing the robot to gain or modify its functionality to meet a new need. The goal for this project is to develop the robot to fit a single use case and developing differing functions to accomplish this use case to meet modularity requirements.

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Vincent Davis

UX Designer and Developer/Part-time Dragon Slayer

"I was forged and trained out of Mushu's dragon breath."

Vince currently works as a web application programmer for SIU University Housing IT. He is 22 and has experience with GTK+, Linux firewall rules, Ruby on Rails, and working with others. After graduation, he is planning to attend graduate school to pursue a Master's in Computer Science or will begin his career as a freelance programmer.

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Courtney Kinnard

UX Designer and Developer

Courtney is a senior at SIU Carbondale pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in management. She has experience in development across several languages and platforms, and she specializes in interpersonal communication and management. She will begin a position in the IT Career Foundation Program at the Boeing Company in July 2018.

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Christian Garcia

UX Designer and Developer/Full-time Dragon Caretaker

Christian is a senior at SIU Carbondale studying Computer Science. His interests include mobile and web application development, project management, and cryptocurrency exchange. He has had experience in secure mobile development practices, agile project management, threat modeling, and effective interpersonal communication. After graduation, Christian will begin a position in Finance Systems at the Boeing Company.

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Kole Cralley

UX Designer and Developer

Kole is a senior at SIU Carbondale pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science and Math. Kole has had vast experience in the field of robotics, as well as programming, and after graduation, he plans on attending graduate school to pursue a Master's in Computer Science.

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Official dragon of 4 Coders and a Dragon. Has experience in being a bearded dragon, eating, sleeping, and intimidating foes.