Agent-Based Computing II— ABC 2005

Distributed ABC...Spanning the World...

ABC II (Americas), Special Session in conjunction with
The 5th WSEAS International Conference on Information Science, Communication and Applications, Cancun, Mexico, May 12-15, 2005

ABC II (Europe and Africa) Special Session in conjunction with
Information and Communication Technologies International Symposium, ICTIS'2005, Cooperation for the present millennium: Systems, Services & Technologies, Tetuan, Morocco, June 3-6, 2005

ABC II (Asia and Australia) Special Session in conjunction with
The Ninth International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems, Melbourne, Australia, September 14 - 16, 2005

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ABC I- 2003

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Agent-based computing has been hailed as the next significant breakthrough in software development, and the new revolution in software. Currently, software agents are the focus of intense interest on the part of many sub-fields of computer science and artificial intelligence. Software agents hold the potential to shape the next generation of technologies and models for distributed computation. Agent-based systems are capable of independent action in open, unpredictable environments. Agents are currently being applied in domains as diverse as business information systems, computer games and interactive cinema, information retrieval and filtering, user interface design, and industrial process control. The aim of the ABC'05 is to bring together researchers and developers from industry and academia in order to report on the latest scientific and technical advances, discuss and debate the major issues, and showcase the latest systems.

Session Organizers:

Shahram Rahimi,                                Marcin Paprzycki
Southern Illinois University                   Oklahoma State University