Abdullah Aydeger, Ph.D.

Research Interests

I currently work on various Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) related topics. Specifically, I study to propose network defense mechanisms relying on network virtualization and SDN.

I am also interested in broad range of network security problems. I am open to any research ideas within these areas.


Journal Papers

1. I. Roy, S. Kaluvakuri, K. Maddali, A. Aydeger, B. Gupta, N. Debnath, "Capacity Constrained Broadcast and Multicast Protocols for Clusters in a Pyramid Tree-based Structured P2P Network" in the International Journal for Computers & Their Applications 2021, Vol. 28(3).

2. A. Aydeger, M. Hossein, M. A. Rahman, and. K. Akkaya, "Strategic Defense against Stealthy Link Flooding Attacks: A Signaling Game Approach", IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 2021, 8(1), 751-764.

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Conference Papers

1. S. Pazouki and A. Aydeger, "Securing International Space Station Against Recent Cyber Threats", in the Springer International Congress on Information and Com- munication Technology (ICICT), (To Appear).

2. S. Pazouki, A. Aydeger, and S. M. Kazemi-Razi, \False Data Injection Cyberat- tacks to Human Brain Implants' Power Source", in the IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET), (To Appear).

3. J. V. Leon, O. G. Bautista, A. Aydeger, S. Mercan, and K. Akkaya, "A General and Practical Framework for Realization of SDN-based Vehicular Networks", in the IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC), (To Appear).

4. A. Aydeger, N. Saputro, K. Akkaya, "Cloud-based Deception against Network Reconnaissance Attacks using SDN and NFV", in the IEEE Local Computer Networks (LCN'20), pp. 279-285, Nov. 2020.

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11. A. Aydeger, E. Ghaleb, S. Oktug. "Telsiz Duyarga Aglar icin Enerji Verimli Bir Yonlendirme Teknigi ve Gerceklemesi (An energy efficient routing technique and implementation in WSNs)" in SIU 2014, Trabzon, Turkey, Apr 2014.

Book Chapters

1. N. Saputro, S. Tonyali, A. Aydeger, K. Akkaya, M. Rahman, and S. Uluagac, "A Review of Moving Target Defense Mechanisms for Internet of Thing", Book Chapter in Modeling and Design of Secure Internet of Things, Wiley-IEEE Press, 2020.

2. K. Akkaya, A. Uluagac, A. Aydeger and A. Mohan, "Secure Software-Defined Networking Architectures for the Smart Grid", Book Chapter in Smart Grid: Networking, Data Management, and Business Models (2017), edited by H. Mouftah.