Abdullah Aydeger, Ph.D.


The courses I taught are listed and the materials I have prepared and used in these classes are shared. You can find the presentations/homework/quizzes etc., by going to the class links posted below.

You are free to use these materials for your own educational purposes. However, please do give the credits to the source (to the website or to my name) while you do use them. If you are interested in using these materials commercially (in a book, paid online course etc.), please do contact me in advance.

Southern Illinois University:

CS 525

Security Issues in Cloud Computing (Spring 2022)

CS 409

Ethical Hacking (Fall 2021)

CS 305

Software Development Practices (Spring 2021)

CS 531

Security in Cyber Physical Systems (Fall 2020 and Fall 2021)

Florida International University:

EEL 3712L

Logic Design Lab (Fall 2018, Summer 2019, Fall 2019)